Monday, March 19, 2018

Email 03/19/18

My week was pretty good. I like my new companion. He is a lot like me, in at least a few senses if the word. He likes chess. He has a bunch of family in the Church. His name is Élder Claper.  He is from São Paulo. He follows the spirit pretty well.

Monday was good. We had a normal P-day, up until we found out that Elder Luiz Claudio was leaving for Matto Grosso do Sul. He packed up and we got a ride from a member to the Rodoviária in place of having to use the bus. That was nice. I then went to the Mission Secretary and left for Pedra 90 with the Elders from Coxipo and Pedra 90. I slept there. Tuesday was crazy we got up and got ready and left Pedra 90 taking a bus for Coxipo to have lunch and afterwards returned by bus to Pedra 90 to get something that one of the Elders from Coxipo had forgotten. We then returned to Coxipo to wait for advisement on the plan for my new companion. We found out that he would be coming late that evening to Industriario, and so we took another bus to Industriario and waited there. He arrived there around ten-ish. We had our Zone Conference the next morning at 8 a.m. We made it there a bit late, but luckily so did most of the others. I enjoyed that. Wednesday through Saturday was enjoyable. We visited a bunch of members and some of our investigators. Sunday was good. Elder Claper is a good companion. He is better than some of my others, although I have liked the majority of them.

I like that they are finally permitting the Priests to do that. They technically have had authority to do so since before temples were being built in these last days.  Oh I forgot, I will be leaving Brazil for the United States on December 17 not the fourteenth. I was given a new release date. Thank you for the news. It helps. Thank you for the jokes. Thank you for the thought. Have a great week. Tchau.

Mateus, a recent convert.

A family I love. We were teaching them and trying to get them to come to church.

This photo is of when we were in Pedra 90 to have our District meeting. Elder Novaes was there and it was his last week in the mission. We did something traditional and that is what the photo is showing.

Me at a service project.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Email 03/12/18

I am doing fine actually. My companion is to be transferred to Matto Grosso do sul; he is leaving tomorrow and I will probably be meeting my new companion tomorrow as well. His name is Elder Claper and he is from the Southern part of Brazil, which happens to be where most of the Italians settled when they immigrated here to Brazil. They have a lot of rich white people down there. I had an enjoyable time will Elder Claudio during my time here. We have a few investigators that are getting close to baptism.

Looks like you had an enjoyable week. I didn´t know that Jemma was having a bunch of accidents. Hope that she is all right. I remember when we had to adjust time here. I was in Caceres. They kind of told me what was happening, but they did it in such a way that I didn´t get it. They speak in a very strange way here. They didn´t tell me, simply enough; that I would have to change my clock. They just talked about the time difference and expected that I'd get it. I didn´t catch what they were doing and so I didn´t change my alarm. We were late for church the next day. Anyhow things are good here in Cuiabá. It is always hot here, but every once in a while we are blessed with some rain or shade.

That first joke is unforgettable. Thank you for those jokes. Thank you for the spiritual thought.  We had the experience this week of going proselyting with some members. They were very helpful. I remember doing so in the past in my other areas. My health is improving. I have liked much of my time here. I like Brazilians. If you have any questions, just ask. I have no new photos for the time being. 😎☀ Tchau.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Email 03/05/18

My week has been pretty good. I went to my last two physical therapy sessions this last week. I am grateful that I had them. My companion is a good missionary. My area is a good area. My investigators are doing fine. We actually are having more success than usual. We actually succeeded in bringing two of our investigators to Church. I have liked many things about my mission and some things I have not. I have learned many things here. Yes, I have grown in my testimony and as a person quite a lot.

Another good week for the Nelsons. The thing about the Elders will probably happen often. It is possible for us to be prompted to do most anything as the Holy Spirit directs. Thank your for the jokes. The thought is pretty good.

Monday was a normal P-day with the addition of physical therapy in place of something else. Tuesday was good, we visited many of our investigators; we also visited a few members. Wednesday was my last session of physical therapy. I liked having the opportunity to give my therapist Ariani a Book of Mormon. Thursday we visited a bunch of investigators again. We visited a certain family that I like that night. The woman we are teaching's name is Jessica. We have been visiting her and her brother for a while now. Jessica has one of the cutest three year-olds as a daughter I have encountered in a while. She speaks in full sentences, in fact she seems to speak and understand Portuguese better than I do. We will probably visit them some more in the future. Friday I went on splits with Elder Woodson. I enjoyed that I got to speak English with someone. It gets real burdensome sometimes to not be able to talk face to face to a person who speaks English. Especially when it is not for a while. That night we slept at our district leader's house and returned the next morning. Saturday we didn´t do too much. Saturdays and Sundays ironically are the worst days here in the Cuiabá Brazil Mission and in Brazil in general to visit people. We visited a member and accompanied him to the parking lot of the church house for the conference. We didn´t attend Saturday, but we did yesterday. Sunday was excellent. We got to see a bunch of people in the stake and several less active members were there as well as some of our investigators. President Oliveira and his wife were also there. They gave talks. That is my week. Hope you have a good one. It is really hot down here. Tchau 😎☀😅😓😰💦💧

Monday, February 26, 2018

Email 02/26/18

Thank you for letting me know (about his Christmas package). I was wondering why it hadn´t arrived yet, considering I have already received the package full of letters. Thank you for sending it. I like the messages from the members and the several letters from Jemma and Julia.

I am doing great actually. We had a good week and we taught some new people. We intend to visit them later this week. We had a lesson last night in a member's house with a woman who was born into the catholic church. We had a fun time teaching her the Plan of Salvation. We met a less active member this last week that attended sacrament meeting. I am grateful for the help we have received from the Lord. Our mission went from having three baptisms to having eleven.

Happy Birthday Jaylen. 🎂 Besides the snow storms, it looks like you had a good week. I liked the photos. Jemma looks happy. I liked the one of the Down Stairs Bathroom. It looks great. Thank you for the jokes. The spiritual thought was good. 🤓  I am sorry to hear that Heather´s father has died.😢 Thank you for letting me know.

Two of the pictures are from an ice cream place we visited on P-day. I bought Subway before and ate it there. The rest are from when we were stranded half-way home from Cuiabá city center. 🚌The Buses tire went flat. and we had to wait for while for another bus, but Elder Luiz Claudio called a member and he helped us out.🚗 The Guitar is a monument of the fact that Cuiabá is a three hundred year old city. 💯💯💯 The Flowers are just some flowers nearby where we were waiting. Thanks for asking. 😎 tchau.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Email 02/19/18

I am doing better. The physical therapy is working. I happen to be doing it at the same time as a Sister in the mission. She just so happens to be the same Brazilian Sister from my group when I arrived here. She and her companion are in the photos of McDonald's. Their names are Lobos and Francia. Sister Francia is Filipino and she speaks English.

My week was good. It was about as good as any other week here, but we did have progress with one of our investigators. She finally came to sacrament meeting. Now the only problem is persuading the rest of her family to do so. I did meet someone in the ward who told me that he was the first member of the Church that was baptized and confirmed a member here in Matto Grosso. His name is Luiz Papa de Arruda and was confirmed when you were five years old (1981).

Carnival was pretty good. We spent the evening with an investigator and watched Carnival on her television with her. My companion was happy to see his home town of Recife on the television.

I had forgotten about Valentines Day. Sounds like a good week. I like the picture of Jemma. The Grandfather Clock looks nice. 'Well-Adjusted Kids' what a good massage. Thank you for the jokes. Elder Luiz Claudio wants me to 'Mandar Braços' for you (it is a friendly gesture that implies: send hugs to them.) Thank you for the message from President Oaks. I am glad Jostan is💏 dating. Have a good week. 😎

Monday, February 12, 2018

Email 02/12/18

I am doing alright. I will probably spend Carnaval with members or investigators. Things are slow in reference to my investigators, and my companion is getting a little frustrated with how slow it is. If you look at the numbers that we have in the weekly mission newspaper (journal), it has numbers for the mission. Yes I like it better than Caceres, and the members here are great. The fact that we are at the outskirts of the city makes the bus situation fun whenever we have to travel downtown. It usually takes at least around an hour and a half to make it downtown, when ever we have to go; for the cause of having to wait for the bus and ride in it all the way there. I will be continuing to go downtown for physical therapy every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next few weeks.

Sounds like you had a good week. I like that things are going well up there. Thank you for the jokes. They´re pretty good. Thank you for the thought. I happened to finally send the blood exam to you. I put it in Drive in the Jan 28th file. I have some other photos in drive from last week not too much exciting happened.  We have been having a lot of rain lately. 🌧😁

Monday, February 5, 2018

Email 02/05/18

I am doing great, actually. I have been feeling pretty good. It is going somewhat well with my investigators. We visited many of them this last week, we have various. I am happy with this. These circumstances are much better here than in Cáceres. We are teaching several families. We have been lately having problems with getting even a few of them to go to Sacrament meeting. At least they are still receiving our preaching. I am not as yet a senior companion, and probably never will be, here on my mission. The Lord has purposes for me that are being better fulfilled whilst I stay a junior. Don´t worry I will be fine. I kind of like being a junior. The life of the leaders is very strenuous, at least here.

I heard about him (new mission president coming in July). My companion told me he is the same person who signed his papers for him to go on his mission. Thank you for writing his name. I am happy that President Oliviera is being permitted to return to his home. He has been in the mission field for much time. He definitely needs a break from this stuff.

I had a doctor appointment this last week. I found out that my spine is a bit off and this is the reason why I have some back pain. I will be taking some physical therapy this next Wednesday and on several other occasions during my time here in Industriario.

Wait, that Python in the photo is in our house? Awesome."Jory for short" that's funny. Kaitlyn (Jostan's girlfriend), got it. That first joke is excellent. Oh, 😆😂 your jokes are getting better. Thank you for the thought. and the jokes.

Oh, did you here about the rain that hit all of Brazil this last week? It rained in all of Brazil everywhere all at once. Elder Luiz Claudio and I had to stay in a members house for a while to hold it out. 🌧☔ Much flooding of the roads and various other places. 🌈 Thank you for the email.