Monday, September 11, 2017

Email 09/11/17

My week has been fine comparatively, but there is something I haven´t sufficiently mentioned in the past. During my time here in Brazil and at other times before the mission I have been seeing many red harvest moons. I saw one this last Saturday that was nearly full and especially red. Concerning the hurricanes, I have heard of only Texas and Florida. I heard nothing of the fires and earthquakes, but I was shown pictures of the Texas hurricane. I just read an 8.1 earthquake is the one you were talking about that hit Mexico. Wow. Wildfires, and I saw that there were various other earthquakes in other places. These are all fulfilling Matthew 24, right now.

I had a case of muscle pain due to sleep in a bad position, I had to have something called GELO rubbed and massaged on it. I feel better now. João-Victor was happy enough to massage it for me. I will put the photos I need to put in into drive. Thank you for the information. I hope that Dad will be alright. How is the rest of the family holding up? From what the family of João-Victor have shown me on Facebook they appear to be doing fine.

I do have one question to ask. Just a thought. Have you read all of the Joseph Smith Translations within the appendix of the Bible? I have been reading many of them and I have learned much. I would suggest if you haven´t read all of them yet, that you would. Some of it will even help you with understanding my patriarchal blessing. I love the ones that are not in the appendix and are scattered throughout the Bible itself. In the Portuguese version they have the translations in the appendix of the Triple combination and in the appendix of the Bible. They are very helpful for me personally and for giving to my companions. They have helped me much in the past and are still helping me.

I have been struggling a bit in mind lately. I remember when I was in São Paulo, just before my whole district left for their several missions, we decided to give each other priesthood blessings. I enjoyed the experience and I found it interesting when I gave one to my friend Elder Barnes. I didn´t understand most of what I said and I was a bit surprised when he got up and shook my hand immediately after the blessing. He was a great guy. In my blessing I received a very important message. The Spirit said through the Elder something along the lines of this: "It is going to be hard, but know that you will be able to do miracles. The lord has had me help many a people in receiving the Gospel and I have given a number of blessings in the which the recipients have been healed, but I am getting a little concerned that I have not as yet done others. I am very grateful for the ones I have had the opportunity to perform, but I was hoping that they would be greater than they have hitherto been. I will keep waiting on the Lord for this. Maybe he plans to have me do them later on. One of the reasons why it was hard in Rondonopolis was because the Lord needed to have me suffer in order to prepare me for the future. If you reread the Joseph Smith Translation in Hebrews 11, you will understand at least one of the reasons why I had to suffer in Rondonopolis. Just know that I know that the Lord was pleased with my endurance. I wish to keep going and overcome my problems I have. I don´t know exactly how hard this past time has been for you and the Family, but I do now know why it has been happening. The kind that I am having now are not too great for me to handle at this present time. The Mission is struggling at the moment, but I hope that we will do better in the future. I am greatly happy to know that you and the family are being blessed. I will keep trying to keep my spirit up.

 Thank you for the E-mails. They were very helpful. If you have any questions just ask.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Email 09/04/17

 I had a somewhat slow week, but we did have English class twice again. One thing I do need to mention is something that happened this last Thursday. One of our investigators, Renata had a heart attack. Élder W. Silva and I were on our way to the Mission Office to pick up any and all packages for us that were there. We found out that we would have to return later in the day, due to the Élders that attend the office were doing a service project. As we were returning we got the call that she had that heart attack and we went to the hospital in our area. Lucky for her she was at work in her hair salon with her husband Celso when it happened. We arrived and gave her a priesthood blessing. After that we went to Almoço. We returned later to the Office and I received the Oragami you sent me. I have already used it. Thank you for sending it. It must have arrived just after the last Zone Conference or so. Later that day we went back to her Cabeleireiro (hair stylist) place to check up on how she (Renata) was doing seeing as we are not permitted to frequent the hospital often. Too our surprise, she was perfectly fine. The Lord healed her. The priesthood blessings do have virtue, and at times very fast virtue. I am grateful for this experience.

Speaking of Dentist appointments, what do you think I should do concerning that? I have not yet visited a dentist hear in Brazil. Do you think that I should go to one soon or wait until later?

Yes! Spence is going on a mission. Four corners is good. I wonder how he is feelings seeing as he is going to be cornered for two years. He has more states in his mission than me. I found out about the hurricane just a moment ago on I will have to study that later on. Thank you for the spiritual thought and the jokes. Have a good week.

Açaí. It is a very common and very delicious fruit dessert. It had banana, condensed milk and powdered milk in it.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Email 8/28/17

Thank you Mom for another great email. I have been having interesting weeks ever since I got here to Brazil, but just know the Lord is taking good care of me, and it sounds from the many emails I have received from you that he has been blessing you well; which I am grateful for. A solar eclipse, that is awesome.  I didn´t know that that was happening. It is fulfilling the signs of the times. Since I have arrived here in my mission I have seen many blood red moons. The Lord gave them as a sign to his faithful children that the day of his advent is nigh at hand. Thank you for telling me that the sun became as sackloth. That´s another sign the Lord has provided for us. This week was a good week. On Tuesday we had English class again and a hot dog activity. Their hot dogs aren't bad. Wednesday we visited a very nice woman named Eva. She is very interested in our message and is reading the Book of Mormon. Thursday I had splits with an Elder Da Silva.  He is a good missionary and we visited a few good families. Friday we had a district meeting and that night we had another English class. Saturday we attended another baptism and my companion was the one who baptized. Her name is Yris and she is a member of the São Matues Branch. She was confirmed yesterday by Elder W. Silva, my companion.  My new companion is a responsible person with records, so far as I can tell. My investigators are doing alright. I have plenty of photos that I put into Drive for you to see. I am grateful for the information and news that you give me from week to week. The Lord has been providing for my temporal needs as he promised he would do for his Elders in the Doctrine and Covenants. Thank you for the Jokes and the Thought. The information from home is very helpful. I have needed it to keep me safe. The fact that you are alright is giving me good indications that I am doing well. Just know that Satan will try as he can to tempt me to break my covenants.  In my Patriarchal Blessing it mentions "Know that Satan is real, and that it is his desire to tempt you and persuade you to violate Sacred covenants, but if you will stay close to the church, your parents, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will be able to rise above any of his temptations." You sending me emails is helping me keep my covenants. I am grateful the Lord is still helping me. Thank you for listening to him, when he gives you promptings to do things for me. Thank you for the emails. Até Mais.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Email 08/21/17

Thank you for letting me know about Great Grampa giving up the ghost. I received a bunch of information from Grammy about this in her email. I had forgotten that Great Grandpa served in the Korean War. I can view the video (you sent).  The main problem is finding a computer with sound that works. I will have to view it next week. Yes, Jeffrey is starting the High School Experience. I hope he is ready. Thank you for this information. I am happy to hear that so many of the family could be gathered at one time.

The importance of missionary work is great. The Lords need it to happen to save the righteous and condemn the wicked. Without missionary work the judgments that the Lord wishes to send on the wicked would not be just seeing as they do not as yet have sufficient knowledge to condemn them; but on a lighter note it is needed to gather the Lord's elect from the four corners of the earth. The blessings from fulfilling missionary work are tremendous. As it says in my Patriarchal Blessing: "As I accept and fulfill responsibilities within the priesthood, I will be approved and worthy of the blessings of Heaven." I have been already receiving many blessings as I have been fulfilling my responsibilities with the priesthood, I have been called to fulfill. I have grown much since I left our house on Nickel way. The Lord gave me much light and truth, since then until now. I am understanding the scriptures even better than I was before.

Things are going pretty well. Our investigators are progressing. We had two baptisms this last Saturday in our ward. They were investigators of Elder Mendez's and mine before he transferred to his new area. He came back with his new companion and baptized one of them. Their names are Renata, and her son Lucas. The Father of the family has not as yet accepted the invitation to be baptized, but he is still attending church meetings with his wife and son. We will be need to visit them more and persuade him to be baptized little by little. The Lord is still blessing me for my endurance in Rondonópolis. I am very grateful he was keeping watch over me. I need to continue enduring for in the future the tribulation will only get greater on the elect until it becomes so great that the Lord must shorten those days in righteousness, or no flesh would be saved; but for the righteous' sake those days shall be shortened.

My new companion, Élder W. Silva, is from the tribe of Judah. This may make things a bit interesting considering the fact that our tribes were historically rivals, but so far he has been chill. I am grateful for the variety of companions I have had.

I forgot to mention I finally baked my birthday cake and I have photos in Drive. I hope you find it a little amusing. I know the Brazileiros found it a bit. We did our best with the resources we had. It turned out delicious. Thank you for sending it to me. I may be able to eat the pasta during the duration between now and the end of the transfer.

Thank you for the scripture. I have been thinking about another scripture, from time to time, within the Bible dictionary under shewbread; the last line. I like it. Thank you for the photos. I hope you are taking well the passing of your Grandfather to the world of spirits. He will definitely do well as a missionary. I will miss our Grandpa. Até mais.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Email 08/14/17

I am well. I had a pretty good week with Elder Mendez. Sadly this was my last week with Elder Mendez as a companion here in Mapim. He is getting transferred, but I am not. I will be staying here for six more weeks with my new companion Elder W. Silva. He is a Brazileiro and he is from Belém, the capital of the State of Pará.

We had rain yesterday, finally, after several weeks we received rain. We had no cloud in the sky for a while. We had another Baptism this last Saturday. Rafael, the little Brother of João Victor, was the one who got baptized.  Rafael´s Uncle, who is already a member, baptized him.  I have photos in Google drive for you to enjoy. Yesterday we went proselyting with one of the members of our ward. He took us in his car for the sake of the rain and we successfully taught four families. I may, in the future, have the opportunity to teach them again with Elder W. Silva.

I am sad to hear that Great Grandpa Kartchner is dying. I see that Jaron and Tharon are there.  That´s awesome that Spencer is nearly to Elder and will be starting his work in the vineyard soon. I hope he is ready spiritually. I found that that is more important than any of the others. Although I was prepared emotionally, I was not very prepared secularly well. I should have studied better and more.

Many people have been getting sick lately, even here in Varzea Grande.  I got a hair cut this last week. A member of the São Mateus Ward did it for us. She is the one that has done it the last few times and she is an expert at it. To top it off she does it for free.

Thank you for the jokes they were a good PUNishment. Thank you for the thought. The Pictures are great.  If have any questions just ask. Tchau.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Email 08/07/17

My week has been good. Me and my companion have been working trying to convince and teach one of João Victor's brothers, Rafael. Things have been going well.  He received the lessons and understood well. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he and his brothers are still attending church. I do remember meeting someone while I was with them. A man was in their store in front of their house buying beer and I felt that it was a good idea to give him something. I decided to give him a pamphlet or two and also a Book of Mormon. He was so grateful for this that he gave me his sweater. I tried to refuse seeing as I have what I need sweater-wise and he is a poor man, but he insisted. He also decided to buy us a soda.

I was not given a blanket when I got here. I may be given a blanket in these areas (Campo Grande or Ponta Pora where the weather is very cold). It is likely that I will be sent to these areas.  A fleece blanket would be good.

This week will probably be my last in this area seeing as I have been here for three transfers, but if not I will let you know next week. Tchau.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Email 07/31/17

My week was excellent. I attended a few activities at the church house, met a new family, and...... I BAPTIZED someone this week. His name is João Victor Frances De Almeida. I helped confirm him the next day. My investigators are doing pretty good. We still need to visit them a lot more and get them to come to church before they will improve greatly. I usually have one (zone conference) every two weeks. I have not as yet talked with, met, nor taught any aboriginal people. I hope that you will be pleased that I now have one ordinance performed and have now had the opportunity to help at least two enter the path to the kingdom of God. I have pictures of him and his family. My companion and I hope to help his brothers and possibly others be baptized as well. Thank you for your prayers for me.