Monday, December 11, 2017

Email 12/11/17

My week was great, although it was a bit different from most other weeks. Monday was our normal P-day, until we found out that Elder Borges would be leaving for Cuiabá for an emergency the next day. We spent the night with Casal Silva and afterwards helped him pack a bit. Tuesday Elder Borges left in the morning. Afterwards Elder Aguilera, Elder Maea, and I spent our time at the Hospital trying to get in and give a blessing to someone there. We spent the majority of the afternoon waiting there to get in. Later we had a meeting with the Branch Mission Leader. Wednesday I spent my time in a trio and we visited several investigators. Thursday we did pretty much the same thing as Wednesday, save that we visited a recent convert, Luis-Felipe. He and his wife gave us popcorn to eat and we watched "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of The Restoration" with them. He hadn't seen it yet. Friday we succeeded in cleaning the house well in the morning. Later we waited at the Bus Station for Elder Monson, another American; who would be here until Monday morning. Saturday I was with Elder Aguilera whilst Elder Monson was with Elder Maea. We tried to visit an inactive member, but they ended up not being home and later Casal Silva helped us and we went to visit one of their investigators who lived rather far from city center. The Family we visited gave us a fruit called Jaca and also gave us some mangoes. After that we visited an investigator whose mother had died last week. She was asleep when we arrived so we talked with her family members. Later we went to the market to buy food for the Sabbath and we ended up running into some members from Varzea Grande. Sunday was the best day of the week. In the Morning we had Church like always. Later we had lunch with Luis-Felipe. We watched "The Work and the Glory Part Three." After that we spent our time at the church house preparing for an activity. That evening we enjoyed a choral performance by the branch with some the Relief Society, Elders Quorum and Primary as well the youth participating. I enjoyed the experience. Elder Monson came here to Cacerés primarily for this. He played the piano. Many investigators attended as well as others. The members who I ran into previously were there. I sat next to them. The choir sang various Christmas carols and hymns. I didn't have my camera at the time, sorry. I did´t have an opportunity to return to the house to get it. Today Elder Monson left. That is my week.

Jarme, the man we were intending on baptizing yesterday; was not baptized. He has a problem with setting dates for things. Maybe this Saturday. We will be having lunch with his family during the week.

I am feeling a lot more comfortable with the language. People are saying that I am speaking better.

Yep I nearly have one year. What a year.

That reminds me they will be having a Santa visit the members here soon at the church house.

I miss you all as well. Thank you for the Spiritual Thought. I have a few photos, but not many. I will have more next week. We have our Christmas Conference this next Friday. Till next week.🎅🎄 Tchau.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Email 12/4/17

My week was great. We visited several of the investigators we have and we have been spending a good amount of time with Casal Silva. The weather has been rather rainy lately. This is good, for the most part. It just makes doing things like laundry more of a challenge. I am grateful for it though. It is cooler here whenever we have rain.

My area is improving. We had 100 people attend sacrament meeting this last Sunday for the branch. We had a baptism this last weekend. His name is Reginaldo and he is the husband of a member we have lunch with every Thursday. My companion baptized him and I helped give the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We have a baptismal date with one other man here who is in a very similar situation to that of Reginaldo. All of his immediate family are members like Reginaldo. We hope to have the opportunity of helping him be baptized as well. His name is Jarme. My week has been a good one. This last Saturday was also the Birthday of Sister Silva.  Things are going good, but the mission is struggling. The whole mission only had two baptism this last week.

I have been doing better health-wise thank you for asking. The suggestions that Jaron gave were helpful. Thank you for sending them.

Voice Male. I like that music group. I have a bunch of their music and the missionaries here say that it is really good. I have been asked on several occasions if I could share it, but it is on the Ipod shuffle. I would have to do that on the computer at home, otherwise it would likely erase everything.

I saw the photos of the Harry Potter store. I like them. You said that you were looking at Grandpa house. Are you planning on moving? That´s right the First Presidency Christmas devotional was Yesterday. I didn´t remember that. Thank you for the puns, photos, and the humongous spiritual thought. I may have time to read it.  😃

Monday, November 27, 2017

Email 11/27/17

I didn´t pass out, but I was not feeling good. Generally I eat plenty of crackers and/or peanuts when I am in the house. I think the problem was the heat; also sometimes the members do not put salt in their meals and I get sleepy easily later during the day. Yes, I am improving with taking care of myself gradually. I am doing better now. Are you all well health wise?

My week was pretty good. We found a few less active members here and learned that they have many less active members here, some of whom attended sacrament meeting yesterday. The chapel was full. Besides the less active members, we had five investigators who attended. Sorry I have no pictures of this. I forgot the camera in the house.

I like that my new area has an abundance of mangoes and it is mango season. I was told that nobody goes hungry during this season.

Saturday was a good day, mostly because I got to go on splits with Elder Maea. Talking with another American about things definitely helped with some of the problems I have been having. Speaking of haircuts, I may need to get one soon as well. Sounds like Grandpa is struggling. I like the photos. They are very good.  I only have one photo from this last week and it is of the map of Cáceres. I also was able to find some photos on President and Sister Oliviera's site. I added them to the "general mission things" file. Thank you for this email. Thank you for the puns. They happen to have their own type here. One they have is "Sinto Muito, usa cinto" which means: 'sorry use your seat-belt.' Thank you for the spiritual thought. I love you all. Tchau 👋

Monday, November 20, 2017

Email 11/20/17

Thank you I will wait for it (Christmas package). My week was pretty good. I went to the hospital this last Tuesday, because my pressure was down. I think that meant blood pressure. They said that I got it because of being in the sun a lot. My investigators are doing alright. One of the families left for Bolivia two Saturdays ago and didn´t return until Tuesday or Wednesday of this last week. We visited some of them this week. It was rather slow with the work and there was a lot of rain this week. I think That I am improving much (in the language). Casal (couple) Silva say that I write well and can understand well but I still have difficulties speaking well. Jonah is getting braces, he better brace for it. Looks like Jeffrey is staying busy. Looks like dad is staying happy. You have been having a lot of great activities That is excellent. The Spackman´s are moving? Well shoot. That´s right Thanksgiving is coming up. I might actually celebrate it here. 🦃 Thank you for the e-mail. I have a few photos for this week. We spent most of our time proselyting.

I am feeling better. My blood pressure is improving. I learned a trick from them. They told me to put salt under my tongue and it seems to work. I will continue try to keep eating at least three meals a day. I usually don´t have a problem with drinking sufficient water. Thank you for your concern mom. 🍖🍟🚰🍹 😃

Thank you. tchau😎

Monday, November 13, 2017

Email 11/13/17

I am doing well, thank you for asking. My companion Elder Aguilera is a very good missionary. I think that I will learn more with him. Our investigators, some of them; are progressing. We still need to visit some of them before we will have any good results. I hope to be able to do better with Elder Aguilera. I could use a thumb drive with a bunch of the bible videos I have downloaded onto the laptop I used to have. I would prefer that it have sufficient gigabytes to handle music and videos, in case if I were to have need of both. Elder Villa-lobos had one that had videos and from what I could see, it would a useful tool. I hope that Jeffrey does well in that play. Thank you for telling me of your week. Sounds like you are all still doing well. Monday we spent most of day preparing Elder Villa-lobos to depart for Peru. He departed the next morning for Cuiabá and made it to Peru later in the week. Elder Borges, the Brazileiro from Goias, received a new companion. His name is Elder Maea and he is from Bountiful and has Polynesian ancestry. I am grateful he is here. We had something called a "Serão" which in their language means 'overtime' and they use it to name any other meeting other than those that happen on Sunday. This happened, because of something that is happening throughout Brazil. Members of the seventy are visiting each state in Brazil and are holding an activity for youth to introduce them to Missionary Work. This will be happening soon. President Oliviera was here in Cáceres with his wife concerning this "Serão", so we cleaned the house well just in case they happened to come and make an inspection. Luckily they didn´t come and check. 🤗 Thank you for the jokes and the spiritual thought. I remember reading it (the spiritual thought) in the October Liahona under Young Adults. Those are good stories that we should remember.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Email 11/06/17

My week has been alright. This was my last week with my companion Elder Villalobos. On Tuesday we had an exposition at a local Supermarket and we ended up having much success. During the rest of the week I was going on splits with either Elder Borges or Elder Aguilera to proselyte. I enjoyed visiting a less active member and bearing my testimony to some people I met with Elder Borges. I am grateful to have had that opportunity. We also attended a birthday party for the son of one of our investigators.  Elder Villalobos is leaving Cáceres either today or tomorrow. I have liked my time with him for the most part. My new companion will be Elder Aguilera. My work has been a bit slow, but we have been having more of our investigators attend sacrament meeting. The families we have been teaching attended last week and yesterday. I am grateful that the Lord helped get them to come. I like Aguilera. He is rather chill, but now that he is our district leader, we may progress more with the pesquisadors that we have.

I went to choir on Sunday last week and also yesterday. We have been practicing for when the Mission President will come here on Saturday. The photos I have are from when we visited a members house on P-day. On Halloween we had major rain sufficient to make a small river in the street. We have rain again today, but unfortunately my clothes are on the line I will have to wait for the sun.

I like that dad is having them (siblings) ask gospel questions in FHE. I remember seeing a trailer for the Thor movie through the window of a store. I see that Loki, Hulk, and others will be in it. I forgot to mention something. A week or two ago, we also had daylight savings.  They do it similarly here, but not at the same time as you do. I instead lost an hour of sleep and we were late for Sacrament meeting. Thank you for the jokes, they´re good PUN-ishment. I like that you still include them.  The photos are pretty good. Thank you. Thank you for the spiritual missionary work thought. Till next week. Tchau.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Email 10/30/17

My week has been pretty great. Monday was pretty normal. We went to the members house, to which we frequent usually every P-day here; at the home of a very nice member who happens to also be rich. I have some photos of her home in Drive. Her name is Eudete. She is less active which makes it all the better. It is going a lot better with the investigators that we have been teaching. We had nine of them visit sacrament meeting and many less active members came as well. This is a miracle considering that this is a small branch that needs more development. Cáceres is a somewhat big city, but the lord has it handled in sending three companionships to work here.

My companion Elder VillaLobos is returning home to Lima Peru next week. This P-day is the last I will spend with him. I learned some things with him. He is a pretty good companion. If I haven´t said so already I will say so now that I am and will be his only American companion in the field.

We had heavy rain here this last Saturday. Elder Aguilera and Elder Borges had a baptism that day, although neither one of them baptized. A member baptized the man, but it still counts as their baptism where numbers are concerned.

I will ponder about that package, but for now just know I will need plenty of Origami paper to start and definitely some Wonka candy including, but not limited to, Nerds. I could also use another memory card like the one that Dad provided for me before I left. I unintentionally gave it to Elder AraVena when I received the new camera and wanted to put the other to another. I wish I thought it through better, but I was lucky that the Lord provided me with another memory card. The difference between the one Dad gave me and the one I have is the one I have doesn´t need an adapter. I would also be pleased if I received four double AA rechargeable batteries and four AAA rechargeable as well. The one I have will with time become less than sufficient on account of them beginning to die. I did receive the question about the pants. I have responded concerning it in the other email.

Dad went to Texas? Awesome. Was he near to the locale in which the hurricane hit?  That sounds great compared to some of the other weeks that we have been having. I do have a question for Jostan and Jeffrey: Have they been reading the Bible Dictionary and Guide to the Scriptures as I suggested?  Thanks for the jokes, spiritual thought, and for the photos. I hope you continue to have a good week too. 😀