Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Email 08/14/17

I am well. I had a pretty good week with Elder Mendez. Sadly this was my last week with Elder Mendez as a companion here in Mapim. He is getting transferred, but I am not. I will be staying here for six more weeks with my new companion Elder W. Silva. He is a Brazileiro and he is from Belém, the capital of the State of Pará.

We had rain yesterday, finally, after several weeks we received rain. We had no cloud in the sky for a while. We had another Baptism this last Saturday. Rafael, the little Brother of João Victor, was the one who got baptized.  Rafael´s Uncle, who is already a member, baptized him.  I have photos in Google drive for you to enjoy. Yesterday we went proselyting with one of the members of our ward. He took us in his car for the sake of the rain and we successfully taught four families. I may, in the future, have the opportunity to teach them again with Elder W. Silva.

I am sad to hear that Great Grandpa Kartchner is dying. I see that Jaron and Tharon are there.  That´s awesome that Spencer is nearly to Elder and will be starting his work in the vineyard soon. I hope he is ready spiritually. I found that that is more important than any of the others. Although I was prepared emotionally, I was not very prepared secularly well. I should have studied better and more.

Many people have been getting sick lately, even here in Varzea Grande.  I got a hair cut this last week. A member of the São Mateus Ward did it for us. She is the one that has done it the last few times and she is an expert at it. To top it off she does it for free.

Thank you for the jokes they were a good PUNishment. Thank you for the thought. The Pictures are great.  If have any questions just ask. Tchau.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Email 08/07/17

My week has been good. Me and my companion have been working trying to convince and teach one of João Victor's brothers, Rafael. Things have been going well.  He received the lessons and understood well. I gave him a Book of Mormon and he and his brothers are still attending church. I do remember meeting someone while I was with them. A man was in their store in front of their house buying beer and I felt that it was a good idea to give him something. I decided to give him a pamphlet or two and also a Book of Mormon. He was so grateful for this that he gave me his sweater. I tried to refuse seeing as I have what I need sweater-wise and he is a poor man, but he insisted. He also decided to buy us a soda.

I was not given a blanket when I got here. I may be given a blanket in these areas (Campo Grande or Ponta Pora where the weather is very cold). It is likely that I will be sent to these areas.  A fleece blanket would be good.

This week will probably be my last in this area seeing as I have been here for three transfers, but if not I will let you know next week. Tchau.