Monday, May 29, 2017

Email 05/29/17

Hey. I am doing great. My week went pretty good. We had an experience where we went the church house to celebrate the birthdays of all members that have birthdays in May. I have pictures from that that I will upload. My companion is doing good; but I just found out that he is going to be leaving for home in June. He will strangely enough be taking a different route to his home land. I will explain that more next week. I am happy to hear that Jostan graduated from high school. I am sorry that Dad has a cold. I remember that our ward transferred back to the Stake Center. I bet that was a wonderful reunion. Thank you for the good story. That is true that the Lord will protect that which is his own. Even if he has to damn others in their efforts to harm that which his own. The only power that anyone can have over God's children is the power that God gives them. I remember when the Lord was talking with Pontius Pilate. He said, in essence, you can have no power over me save it be given you of my Father. It is the same with Faithful saints of his church and anything else that is his. He will protect that which is his own. He has done so for me. Thanks for the Missionary jokes and the Great Story. I hope to able to chat with you more next week. Thanks tchau.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

05/22/17 Email/Chat

Bom dia!  I have had more success in teaching investigators. I attended a baptism for one of my investigators this last Saturday. Her name is Jossy.  I didn't participate in the ordinances but I got to watch. Two others were baptized that night and all of them were confirmed the following day.  Things are going better with my companion. We are getting to know each other better. I still have much to work on. My area is pretty good.  If you looked at the map I sent, it should show you how big it is. We had some strange weather lately, as Elder Silva puts it.  I think that the language is coming better, but my companion says that I need to converse more. I have been having difficulty paying attention when people are talking. I will keep working on it. He helps me with it a lot. Have a good week.

Monday, May 8, 2017

05/08/17 Email/Chat

My week has been pretty good. I had some challenges, but they are lightening up. My English class is going better. I am having help from a member. Tomorrow she will bring a book that will help a lot with teaching them. It’s is going alright with my pesquisadors. One family came to sacrament meeting a few days after we first met them. President Oliviera didn’t mention a time exactly for skyping with our families, he just said two hours, no more. I will probably be provided with what I need to get to skype. So far as I know I can´t use Hangouts. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He is over all. I do not know the exact time that I will be skyping on Sunday, but as I have been learning, if I trust the Lord to take care of and take no thought for my life, you´ll be on right when I need you to be. I have been learning here just how powerful the Lord is at fulfilling his word. He has not failed to help me when I exercise faith in him and my patriarchal blessing.  In other words I have no idea when I will be skyping with you on Sunday. Church starts for me at 8:30 here. I will probably be skyping with you in the afternoon.

I have had trouble adjusting to the way they do things here. Did you read the email that I sent to Mom about the possessed people that I have met?  But to put it plainly, I have met at least two. My companions just call them crazy, but I know otherwise. The first man I met was in the wilderness alone with no one else. I knew he was possessed. He was not a deceived person. He did nothing to try and convince me to do anything that I should not. He just kept shaking my hand and saying over and over I love your Church. This guy was not in his right mind like Sherem was. He was like unto the man the the Savior met in the wilderness that was possessed with a legion of devils, but I don´t how many this man had. He was definitely not like unto Korihor. I met this man at the outskirts of my area in Rondopolis. I have authority to rebuke them but I leave them alone.

I remember one of the Apostles or members of the Seventy saying something: "Life is not meant to be consistently pleasant. In the coming time even the wisest of you will struggle." Or something along the lines of that. I think that it was in the October Conference or somewhere else.

See you next week on Dia das Mães and your birthday. Tchau.

Picture of Jarrek with his companion Elder Silva and a couple in his mission, the Silva's (not related to Jarrek's companion).

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

05/02/2017 Chat/Email

I am liking my new area well.  Elder Silva is helping me well. I got the idea that I should buy rechargeable batteries for my camera so that if it dies again I can just recharge the batteries and take pictures again.  Me and my companion need to clean our house for this coming Thursday. We will be having an inspection. I hope to be ready.

I have been practicing at baring my testimony. I have also had the opportunity to visit a less active member.  Oh, I forgot this past week I had a wonderful experience. The Lord had secretaries from the office in Salt Lake City call my companion on his cell phone. They gave us a reference to an investigator who was very interested in the Book of Mormon her name is Marilze Costa and we may have the opportunity to visit her again sometime. I have some investigators: Rodrigo and his wife Fabiani are two of our new investigators. They live somewhat far from our house.  They may be interested in learning more.

I have been given the assignment to teach an English Class. I hope to be able to do it well. I will be doing so tonight. The Lord provided me with the supplies I need for this. I am grateful that the Lord has been helping and thinks me worthy to do this.

Sorry I didn't tell you about the Brazilian Labor day last week. I didn't know that I would have P-day today. The Mission President sent it in his letter to us.  I was given the information during a recent zone conference that for Mother's Day I will be skyping, although I don´t know where.

I have had great weather here. Sometimes it´s rainy and sometimes it´s not but I like it all the same. I am learning a lot here. Although I learned many things in Rondonopolis, I am grateful to be here. Beginning in Rondonopolis was very bumpy, but now I am doing better with the Lord's help, as always.

I am very grateful for you teaching me correct principles. I have been using them down here. The language is coming better with the gift of tongues that the Lord gave me is important.

I will keep trying to perseverar até o fim. I hope you all stay well. Valou.