Monday, July 10, 2017

Email 07/10/17

Hey. My week was good. My investigators are improving. The Lord is helping us well. One family, the Family of Eliete; came to church this last Sunday. I was informed by my previous companion Élder Santos that the young man that I confirmed in Rondonópolis, has received the priesthood and is continuing. He may be able to serve a mission eventually. Elder Santos said that things in Rondonópolis improved after I left.  They had five baptisms there after I left. He also told me that many people there missed me. I am grateful that area was my first, even though it was difficult. I have not yet received the package you sent. I may need to wait until our next zone conference to receive it. Thank you for sending it.  I actually had forgotten that it was Independence day, whoops. That was Patriotic. I guess I am becoming more and more a Brasileiro as time goes by. I love it here in Varzea Grande. There are many good people here. I am grateful that I could stay here for one more transfer. That is excellent that you got to enjoy yourselves on Independence Day. Yep with the humidity I could say the same about here; temperature wise though it is still less. I am very grateful the Lord sent me to Cuiabà during Winter. It has been tolerable temperature wise. Jostan got a hair cut. I got one too, two weeks ago. Here in Varzea Grande, the Mapim Ward:  the Lord has blessed the Missionaries here with a member that is willing to give the missionaries haircuts for free. Ever since the Missionaries from Varzea Grande found out this they started getting their hair cut there as well. I like that Jaylen is staying in Cub Scouts. That is excellent that Jostan is still spending time with the Priests. Fishing is good. I hope he doesn´t get hooked. I am, in a way; a fisher too.  I haven´t had rain for a while either, which is a blessing in many senses of the word, but I still like rain.  I didn´t take very many pictures this week, but I may take more today.  By the way, a member from the Varzea Grande 1st Ward said that she wanted your email. Just to let you know if you receive an email from Brazil you weren´t expecting. She is a very good member. Obrigado. Tchau.

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