Monday, July 3, 2017

Email 07/03/17

My week has been great. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting another missionary who is going home. His name is Elder Brown and he is the one in the newer photos I have taken. He is from North Carolina and will be going home tomorrow. He chose to come here to the Mapim ward because of the many people here he found to be special. My investigators are alright.  I didn´t have very many opportunities to visit them this week. We have been contacting referrals a lot lately. We haven´t had an opportunity to visit them since the week before last week. I may be able to visit them more this week. My Portuguese is improving gradually, but the members are saying that I am doing a lot better. The experience with Elder Brown was a good spiritual experience. It is sad to hear that Jemma scraped her knees, but she'll learn from that experience; I know I did when I had them.Yeah I hope that family reunion will be great. Good luck with your foot problem. If it gets worse just try and walk it off.  Thank for the email. Until next week. Tchau.

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